Saturday, January 30, 2010

Current is now Ceilidh

Hello to all of the wonderful people at Col Potter. You knew me as Current, one of the Missouri River Kids who was rescued by you wonderful folks one year ago this week! Mom and Dad sang happy birthday to me on the one year anniversary of my rescue, because the day you saved me was indeed my "birth" day.... I will never be able to thank you enough!

My name is now Ceilidh and I have been living with my family since February of last year. I am still not too sure of some things, and hesitant, but I sure have come along way. Every day, I surprise Mum and Dad with something new. When ever they come home from work, I greet them at the door, and run out the pet door, and run circles in the yard, with my tail up and they cheer me on... we call this game "ceilidh girl" Then Dad will lay on the carpet and I will come over and sniff him and sometimes give him kisses.

Last June, they got me a sister from Col. Potter, who was an owner surrender. Her name is Betsy and she is 6 years old. We have great fun together and she is 'showing me the ropes' and how to be a dog... I never used to use my nose to smell, and now I am sniffing out all kinds of things. She is also showing me that it is okay to trust and love our family, so I sit on the couch with folks beside me now. Maybe one day soon, I will let them pet me.

I have a wonderful life, thanks to you... warm house, good food, people who love me very much and a sister - even the 3 cats are sort of fun. I have a large fenced yard to run in, deer who come to the fence and I bark at them to keep them from eating Mom's flowers and a woodstove to sleep in front of on my colonel potter blanket.

Thank you to everyone who helped give me this life, from the rescuers, vets, transporters, foster care home and all those along the way.... you have made us all very happy!

Ceilidh (the wheaten lass), and Betsy (the brindle)

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