Friday, January 1, 2010

Merry Christmas from Glinda!

Happy Holidays to your Family from Ours!

I bought a house in Baltimore at the end of September. Glinda moved in with me the next weekend. The rest of my pack (Cody and my ex-husband's two dogs Rascal and Pepper) moved in at the end of October). Glinda doesn't have much use for Pepper, the other female, but she loves Cody and Rascal. She often curls up with either one of them, just resting her chin on one of their backs. She will share a dog cot with any of the three, though.

I got the front yard fenced earlier this month. The dogs have lots of space to run around, and I think Glinda has gotten the idea of doing her business outside. I only find messes inside if I work a 10 hour or longer day. That gives me lots of motivation not to work too long! It's too bad that the fence went up around the same time the days got short and the weather got cold. I think we all miss taking walks together.

Glinda loves to be held and hugged. She's also the first dog I've had who likes to be sung to. Maybe that means she's deaf. ;) Really, though, even though I sing to the dogs all the time, she's the only one who watches my face while I sing. It's really noticeable now, during the holiday season, when I have Christmas music playing, and I'm singing all the time.

Here's a picture I took of Glinda in her little Santa hat. I trimmed her face so she'd be cuter. It's just from my cell phone, so the quality isn't great, but I hope you like it. She's such a sweetie. She sleeps on the extra pillow on my bed. It wouldn't be so bad if she didn't have such bad breath. She's getting her dental done next week, so I hope that helps!

Have a great Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Lauren, Pepper, Rascal, Cody, and Glinda (FKA Nina)

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