Saturday, January 16, 2010

Joey's First Month Update

Wish we had some recent pictures, but we’ve been too busy having fun with wonderful Joey. (The attached one is from Dec. 31.)
We did remember that yesterday was her one-month “forever” home anniversary and thought of you and how much you helped with our adoption. We continue to be delighted with Joey, and we think she likes us, too.
Joey has learned a new trick in addition to the “sit” and “shake” that she came to us with (taught by her foster mom). The new one is “sit down.” She does all three very well. We’re still working on “Come, Joey,” but she responds much more frequently and is no longer afraid of it. (The squeaky toys are reliable substitutes).
She has learned to like sitting on our laps as well as sitting on the back of couches behind us. Her coat is coming in very nicely and I’m going to lose the bet about color – it’s definitely wheaten, just kind of reddish along the back. She lets me comb it daily though I can’t say she volunteers when I bring out the comb.
Last week she discovered a new mirror and barked at us and herself in it for a while until she realized that strangers weren’t going to pop-out at her. We haven’t missed a day of hiking (most of the time Joey and I go, but some days Barb has substituted for me when I had to rush out early for work). The crusty snow forced us out of the forest and onto the neighborhood streets. That’s been fun because she’s met some neighbors and neighborhood dogs – all the local dogs seem friendly, too.

Thanks so much! Ann H

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