Saturday, January 16, 2010

Pablita - the Cairn Snuffleupagus

We did it again. We took Pablita in this summer as a 15 year old owner surrender. Her Mom was taking a job overseas and couldn't take her so she contacted Col. Potter.
Can't imagine what poor Pablita must have thought when she got here. I think she was confused for a while but she's come into her own and she's way better behaved than the other three. ;-)
When she turned 16 in October we started talking about the possibility of someone wanting to adopt her and figured if by some long shot someone did, it would not be fair for her to move again. So we put in to adopt her last week and the contract goes in the mail tomorrow.
She gets along fine with everyone (even Rissa, which is no small task ;-)) and Mandy really likes to pal around with her so she was really telling us she wasn't going anywhere.
We're happy she's staying and that we can offer her a nice cushy couch and a bed to snuggle in but sad that we won't be fostering for a while. Only did a couple a year because of travel but with four here now and me traveling a lot this year, we can't really handle any more.
So that's the story of Pablita, the senior snuffleupagus.
Denise in Albuquerque with Rowdy, Rissa, Mandy and Pablita

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