Sunday, January 31, 2010

Solitaire & Tarot's B&B

Usually the stories posted on this blog are about how adopted Col. Potter (CP) kids are doing in their "furever" homes after being adopted.  But sometimes it great to hear about what their lives are like before they're adopted.

Each cairn who becomes a CP kid spends at least 2 weeks in a loving foster home.  The road to that foster home usually involves a car or plane trip of several hours and multiple drivers.  Sometimes, the distance is so great between the point of intake and the foster home, and/or the weather is so inclement, that a "B&B" is necessary.  Now you may ask "What is a B&B?" and of course it's a bed and biscuit - just what weary travelers need for refreshing before continuing their journey.

So enjoy the following story, written by Solitaire & Tarot's InnKeeper, about their recent B&B:

If you are at least my age you might remember a childhood toy that was a favorite on mine. It was two magnets, and on top of one was glued a white plastic terrier and on top of the other was glued a black plastic terrier. Remember how when you pulled them apart they would come snapping back together again, always wanting to be together?

Well, I have to tell a little story about Solitaire and Tarot.

We arrived home for B&B around 11:00 p.m. Everyone had a potty break and time to drink some water and eat supper. Tarot ran around and Solitaire followed, they were pretty happy to have some time out of the crate and chase each other. About midnight both were crated for a safe good nights sleep. My laundry room opens off of the family room so I put them there to sleep.

Tarot was in his crate facing the north and sitting on a rug I keep there. Solitaire was opposite him, facing the south, but about 6 feet away, not on a rug, but on the new vinyl flooring we just had installed. Now, as Joellyn has said, Tarot is quite a talker. Tarot "talked" (while I tossed and turned) until exactly 1:40 a.m. Then all was quiet and I listened for a few more minutes, and since all seemed to be well I drifted off for a short night of sleep.

When my alarm went off at 5:00 a.m. to get up and get ready for the transport, I went out to get the two furkids up and ready. I had to laugh, they looked like my childhood toy. Solitaire had worked really hard, (being on the slippery new flooring) without making a sound, but clearly with Tarot's urging and cheering her on, to bounce her crate across the laundry room floor until the fronts of the crates were perfectly lined up together, and there they slept the rest of the night, right next to each other for comfort and support.

They reminded me of my childhood toy, the two little dogs that you pulled apart, and they would come flying back together again. You have to wonder what these little dogs think that Solitaire would work so hard to get close to Tarot, who must have been a familiar comfort to her, and that Tarot "talked" her into doing it. And how smart is that?!

Garrett, IN

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