Friday, January 1, 2010

Cyan's Christmas!

Amber and Emmie look sooo beautiful after their grooming. I couldn't wait to take pictures. It took Mike, Sarah and I and about 30-45 minutes to get a few somewhat decent pictures. Sarah took the best pictures but Emmie is still so dark that you can't see how beautiful she looks. We don't know how you do it!! It was all we could do to get them to look toward the camera at the same time---forget about capturing their personalities. We are looking forward to a wonderful Christmas. Amber and Emmie are very deserving of their many presents--from Santa, Grandpa, three Aunties, and our 6 yr old niece. Amber just adores Emmie. Funny--Emmie is wary because it took so long for Amber to warm up to her. They still haven't rough housed but Amber has tried to engage Emmie!

Merry Christmas and Have a Very Happy New Year!

Mike, Sheri, Sarah, Anna, and of course Amber and Emmie

(Cyan, KNA Emmie)

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