Thursday, January 21, 2010

Miss Belle is home!

Hello dear friends from the Colonel Potter Network,

I am very pleased to provide you with a photo of Sweet Dumpling ( now Campbell but we call her Belle ) taken last evening at the end of her first day with us.

Belle is one amazing little girl. She is hesitant, but not at all intimidated by her new surroundings that include two new Cairn brothers and a senior cat. They pass in the hall - sometimes touch noses - and then keep on to their appointed destinations as if they had always been together. Wonderful.

Our neighbours have come by to meet the new addition and Belle is the perfect lady - she sits on whatever lap is offered and then curls up to receive copious amounts of affection. Given her life in a puppy mill, we all marvel at how willing she is to trust - totally unexpected. Another unexpected bonus is that her time with Dilys' family of five Cairns resulted in her being fully house-trained when she came to us.
Can't thank you enough!

Once I can get all the fuzzy bottoms to line up for a photo, I will send you a family picture. Until then - thank you for all your guidance, support and encouragement toward our adoption of this little girl. You have given us an amazing gift.

With best regards -
Rosemary in Pender Harbour, BC

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