Saturday, January 16, 2010

Maisie's Second Gotcha Day

Hi all - I don't post a lot, but do try and keep up by reading CPCRM regularly. Always a wealth of great information to put into practice.
My Maisie (fka Rusty) was fostered by Karen O for almost 9 months as she was very, very traumatized by her PM life. I traveled to Karen's to adopt her, with my BF Jim who lives in Phoenix providing local transport, and then we flew home to Boston.
This past week we celebrated Maisie's 2nd Gotcha Day, so I thought I'd share some photos. In some pics it looks like she might be dreaming of warm Arizona weather, now that she's living in snowy, cold Boston! She's certainly a lot less frightened of the world than she was 2 years ago, but unfortunately, she still has a "haunted" look in her eyes.
Jim was just here for three weeks and she continues to be quite relaxed with him. She sits between us to watch TV and he passes the sniff test. He follows our modified military policy. Instead of "don't ask, don't tell" we have "don't look at me, don't speak my name". This also works quite well at the dog park. My friend's little Norwich terrier passed away recently at age 16 and my gang (Murry & Maisie) inherited her crate which they just love. They are so funny, racing to see who gets in first - you'll see they have no problem sharing it. She may always be a nervous girl, but she is happy here and couldn't be more loved. Thanks to Col Potter for bringing her into our lives. - Sheryl in Winthrop, MA

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