Sunday, March 1, 2009

Wesson, a CP Miracle, Turns 15!

Please celebrate with us as Wesson turns 15 tomorrow. She spent the first 11.5 yrs of her life in a puppy mill before she was finally released and rescued by Col. Potter. Wesson was in such terrible shape and had so many health issues that the intake vet didn't think she would survive. I agreed to foster her with the knowledge that I would have a very short time to show her love and then have to help her to the Bridge. Well, Wesson had other ideas! With Col. Potter's medical support and all the love and prayers from her CP family, she showed everyone what a tough PM mama is made of.Wesson will always be deaf, have chronic dry eye, arthritis and allergy/skin issues due to all the years of neglect in the mill......but that isn't what I see when I look at her, or even a senior cairn. I see a determined girl who never gave up and proved that miracles do exist. Wesson is my Inspiration and I would recommend everyone adopt a wise and mature(senior) cairn. Lori- Rogers, AR PS....Wesson requests no gifts, but would love some hunky boy cairn pics to pin up in her crate. She wanted the real thing, but I told her no.
Wesson's photos here

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