Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Remembering Jason (fka Hawkeye)

We all lit a candle for Jason so he may find his way to the Rainbrow Bridge. His Mom said Jason's quality of life has been in decline for about about 1 month, the vet feels it's time to let him go. So he got some extra spoiling over the weekend. Then was cuddled in Chris' arms covered in her tears as he went to the rainbow bridge feeling her love.

Thanks to CP for allowing me to foster this special boy, he was CP's Hawkeye in Nov.05, then became CP's Jason in Sept.07.
-- Chris in Galveston, TX


  1. Go in peace Jason and know you were loved by many.

  2. Little Austin...sweet boy. It was so hard to let you go. I'm so glad you found such a good home to spend the rest of your too-short life. Now you and Duffy are together again. My tears still fall for you both... Love, your NJ Mommy..