Saturday, March 28, 2009

Lovie Gets a Job

A few weeks ago I asked if anyone knew about a group who did animal visits at hospital, nursing homes and places like that. Well, I found a group called Pet Pals ( Pets in Education and Therapy, People and Animals in Life Sharing) that does this kind of work. I went for the training and on a visit to a Hospice in my area.

Then, before I did any further work for the group Lovie and I had to go for a Pet Personality Assessment. So we went this morning. Lovie made all of Cairndom proud today! In the waiting area she was so friendly that she went and sat on the lap of one of the other people who were there for an assessment.

She rode in an elevator for the first time and talked to strange dogs, ( a Corgi, a Golden, a Papillon and another Cairn). She was petted, handled and loved on by strangers. At one time there were three adults and a child all crowded around her. Someone dropped a plastic cup of stones in back of her .. she was tested all sorts of ways and passed with a score of 100% and was hired on the spot!! She even got her first pay in the shape of a Beggin Strip broken into tiny pieces which were easy for her to eat since she has no teeth!!

So Lovie, who spent ten years in a Puppy Mill, will be starting out of a new career as a Hospice Visitor. Please wish her luck!!!!

Deirdre & Lovie, IA
Who will both try to Practice Random acts of kindness
And Senseless Beauty

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  1. This is wonderful Lovie! What an accomplishment. I can't wait to here more about your adventures.