Thursday, March 26, 2009


Hi Everyone, My name is Marian G and I live in Bethlehem, PA. Atty (formerly known as Atropos) joined our family on February 14th. She is doing beautifully and we are so happy she found her forever home with us. She has settled in to our home nicely.

She loves toys, walks great on a leash, cuddles lots, and has a sweet disposition. My son, age 11, receives the most kisses for which he is quite proud but she is connecting with all of us. Atty is quite social and seems to think everyone she sees while walking should stop and greet her. She wants to play with all of the other dogs she meets as well.

Her Cairn instincts are definitely alive and well as she encounters the rabbits and squirrels on our walking adventures. She accompanies me to work often at a private high school and the kids think she is great. Atty has been a wonderful addition to our family.

We had a 10 year old Norfolk Terrier named Abbey who passed away in August of 2007. She was a very special girl. It took a year and a half to open my heart again and every time I look at Atty, I know Abbey would be happy that she is receiving our love and care. A hole in my heart is again full.
Atty is quite a special girl too. Our experience with everyone in the CPCRN was remarkable. I know I will volunteer in some way in the future to such a wonderful cause. The photo of Atty shows her with her favorite toy that accompanied her home from her foster mom, Cindy. It has been sewn three times now, but it is still going strong. Atropos was a goddess of fate and we believe it was fate that brought her to us. I'm glad to join the group!

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