Tuesday, March 17, 2009

A "Rescue" Story

Good afternoon to all, my name is Gary P. My family adopted Rescue 3335, who we now call Rudy. He is a great boy and is settling in quite nicely. Without being long-winded, Rudy could not have come to us at a better time. We had a Cairn, Patches for 15 beautiful years. He went to Rainbow Bridge in November 2008. We lost my brother to cancer last week and Rudy came to us the day before Mark's wake. I received my prayers and thoughts from many in the CP organization. Special thanks go to Ruth H., Kathy H. and Keren M. whom I now consider my friends and all in the group. I refer to Kathy as the "Cairn Whisperer". I am truly blessed to have such a wonderful organization and to be associated with all of you. Well I said, I was not going to be long-winded but "Hey, I am Italian what do you expect?" :) Thank you one and all!
Sincerely, Gary & Family

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  1. Gary - so sorry for your losses. Thank you for giving this boy a new life and future. That picture says it all - he is definitely home.