Friday, February 27, 2009

Canada Welcomes Cherubim!

An update from Cherubim, now Tegan's, new family!

Greetings from balmy Kingston......good to hear from you and we are adapting very well I feel - her to us and vice versa. We love her. She amazes me each day with her spirit....despite being so unfamiliar with things and thus somewhat skittish, once she is introduced quietly she is an extremely quick teach and retains things. Going up stairs is about 75%, downstairs only about 20% but she is trying.

Her name Cherubim proved to be too much of a mouthful and so she has been renamed to Tegan - Celtic for beautiful & toy....."Teg" most times. I have updated her name within the tag program. She comes to my voice and a whistle in the house. Her food has been successfully switched to a great organic chicken/brown rice kibble with table scraps/treats -- no loose bowel issues !!! Yahoo

Her leash manners are wonderful and less and less she feels the need to run around my legs in a circle - she has no issues with collar, harness or both and toddles along with no tension on the leash beside my legs.

Slowly she is meeting people in my inner circle although the first week she was kept pretty quiet here at home with just me and my two other guys moving around. My old fella' MickeyD was quite Ouchy at first but is coming around very nicely this week 2. She is very respectful of him and never pushes herself into his space . For him I feel it is slowly sinking in that she is not going anywhere and is no threat to him.

I have appended a few pix and have an appointment to meet Dr Wiley next week for her introductory assessment.

So here we are, "gel'n in K-Town" ....

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