Monday, March 23, 2009

Beautiful Bessie

We've had Bessie (originally Ibis) for 2 months now and she has filled out her coat and become a very sweet and compelling presence in our home. She had a wonderful foster mom for 2 months before that who did a great job with her... and life just keeps on getting better for her. Martha often says to her: "Oh, Bessie, you got lucky," but then I quickly remind her that we are the lucky ones!
She has been spending some time in New York City and learning to run at the dog run with quite a few dogs around her and she tends to lead the pack, then go hide under a bench for a breather. Once we get back to the country, she really loves her home there, the long walks and the romps in the meadow.
We have one cat, an old girl, very alpha, and Bessie is quite respectful of her, which means they get along okay. I want to thank everyone in the network who made this possible. We are just so glad we got a chance to rescue Bessie and watch her come into spring so joyfully.
Thanks again, Maureen and Martha

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