Monday, March 2, 2009

SGT Devlin Reporting from the Nation’s Capital

SGT Devlin here, reporting from my home near Washington, D.C. Now that I’ve been at this duty post for a year, I can tell you it’s never a dull moment. I am constantly on patrol to keep my family and the whole neighborhood safe from squirrels, chipmunks, Canada geese and any other threats. The worst are the big jet planes. They don’t fly over often, but when they do, I give it to ‘em good. I am proud to report a 100% success rate – not one plane has dared to land in Mom’s yard since I have been on duty! Of course, I have help from my bossy big sister, uh, I mean, CPT Lucy. She’s been posted here longer than me so she thinks she knows everything!

The mess hall here is great! I have lots of fun playing with my toys, my fellow cairn, my boy and my girls. We have two PT times every day – a brisk walk around the pond and a walk with the colonel through the woods and streets, plus play time in the yard. I am in tip-top shape! I have learned many new things – I can shake, lie down, heel, stay, sit, come and be quiet. I can even go up on my hind legs and dance. I am a good listener, but I also like to talk. I like to have long conversations with Mom and the kids, and I always brief the Colonel at the end of the day. My favorite thing to do is cuddle with Mom for scratches and a belly rub. Mom calls me her “Doodle Bug” which is kinda embarrassing for a cairn in uniform, but what the heck. The belly rubs are worth it!

So after a year, I can truly report life is good. I want to thank all the people at Colonel Potter who helped me out, especially my Foster Mom, Terri. Say “hi” to the gang back there in Poca from me! This is SGT Devlin, over and out.

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  1. Sounds like DC is in good hands with Sgt. Devlin. If nothing else he'll kill 'em with CUTENESS!