Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Remembering The Rock Legends

Hello everyone from us here in Canada!

It's been awhile since I've sent in an update on Dilly - formerly known as Wilson from The Rock Legends.

Dilly has been with us now close to 6 months. I can assure you that she is not even CLOSE to the same dog that arrived here in August of 2008. She is no longer the shy, little girl, that hides in her crate or ex-pen. Each day she has become more brave and more confident in herself. She is still a little leary of my husband, who is so patient with her but determined that they will be pals at some point. He recently discovered "the good spot" on the back of her head that makes her want to spend time with him as long as she gets a scritch.

She has also discovered her bark, which is a bit of a yoddle actually. She will run to the back door when an intruder comes over and attempt a bark. She watches from a safe distance but no longer runs and hides in our bedroom.

She has finally started to play a bit with our male Cairn, Hershey. We have play time each morning on the dog pillows where they get belly rubs and massages and Dilly will paw at Hershey and sniff him and sometimes even lick him! He loves that! Dilly will jump on him and what not... it's happening slowly, but it's happening.

Dilly came to our home and has adjusted quite well to our other Cairn Hershey, our cat Viola and 2 girls, ages 7 and 14. That's a whole lot for this little girl. She even tolerates doggy daycare that my 7 year old sets up in her bedroom. Dilly is not particularly fond of the camera but attached is a photo my daughter took at doggy daycare. Enjoy!

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  1. Good for you Dilly!

    Doggy day-care sounds like fun.