Monday, February 2, 2009

First Aid and Your Dog

Here is a good article from Dr. Jon at

What should you know about first aid that could save your dog's life? I spoke with several emergency vets and we came up list of 10 things that every pet owner needs to know. Here they are.

  1. Behavior knowledge. You need to know what to expect from an injured pet to prevent injury to yourself.
  2. Vet phone numbers and address. You quickly need to know who to call and where to go.
  3. Phone number of an animal-loving friend. In some situations, like when a pet is lost or if you are trying to transport an injured pet, you need a friend's help.
  4. CPR.
  5. Heimlich maneuver.
  6. How to bandage. This can be easy to do and it is extremely important to protect a wound.
  7. How to stop bleeding. Gentle pressure is the best way to stop bleeding.
  8. Towel or blankets. These can be used to cover wound or help you pick up a pet.
  9. Strong blanket. This can be used to help you transport a pet.
  10. Finances. Finally, it is important to be able to take financial responsibility for your own injured pet. Many clinics do not allow payment plans but do accept credit cards. One good way to protect yourself it to consider pet insurance in advance. Go to for a free quote and more information.Go to this link. It will give you more details on items such as CPR and why you need these items - Go to First Aid - Top 10 Things to Know for Dogs.
    I hope this helps. Until next time, Dr. Jon

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