Monday, February 9, 2009

Blanket Aunties Send a Gift of Love

When is a blankie not just a blankie? When it is a special, love filled-blankie made by our Blankie Aunties!

In 2005, Col Potter crafters, a special volunteer group, started making blankets and sending one to a dog that needed some extra tender loving care. Some of the first blankies were knitted, or quilted; today most of them are fleece. And today, every cairn in foster care receives a special package from a "Blankie Auntie" to take with them to their furever home. The blanket is a way to 'hug' the fosters - to let them know they are part of a large family, even if we never meet warm-to-cold nose.

To see how much the cairns love their blankies, watch Karen O's wonderful video "Wrapped in Love".

Bonnie B, Susan , and Kim D-S have all been the 'organizers' of this large project. Over 400 blankies were sent in 2008! The BAs include: Carol L. Karen O, Barbara S, Kim, Kaaren J, Maureen A, Christa T, Betty G, Marie G, Michele G, Lynn S, Pam E, Kathy T, Montez F, Deirdre B, Sandy B, Karen K, Sherri C, and Jenny M (my apologies if I missed you - please let me know!)

A huge Thank You to all of our blanket aunties for wrapping our fosters in love, and to those who contribute to the cost of BA supplies!

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  1. What a wonderful gift to these poor little guys and girls.

    Thank you to all the blankie aunties and uncles for what you do.