Friday, February 6, 2009

Fattigmand is now Chelsea

Hello, Friends -- Chelsea is my new Cairn Terrier. I picked her up Saturday afternoon, and she is a joy already. She is a rescue dog from the East somewhere, and was being fostered in Tacoma.

She came through the Col. Potter Cairn Rescue Network, which has 12 (yes, 12) levels of checking and approval before an adoption takes place -- I could have adopted a child!

She is about 3 years old, and was rescued from a puppy mill. But today, my vet said she was very healthy. Her hair has grown back in beautifully -- she is brindled gray. She is small, just about 12 pounds. She is still a puppy mentally, and has to be housebroken (that's almost there) and trained from scratch. She had her first two walks Sunday and today, and now understands what that is all about and the leash. But she has yet to understand what toys are for, and she won't eat any treats, making training difficult. But she is a joy, and isn't being spoiled at all!

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