Thursday, February 12, 2009

A Wonderful Update on Merri (Meringue)

Just to let you know that Merri is doing very well, she is fabulous on a leash, better than Rocco, and has mastered the stairs up and down. At first she was so afraid of everything that we were worried that she is not enjoying our hourly walks in a park, but now that is all she would like to do, stay outside and observe everything. We are still feeding her and Rocco the food you recommended and thank you so much because finally Rocco has no stomach problems which for 11 years he had to endure. She will eat now in the kitchen when we are present, getting braver every day.

Merri is very good with our daughter Nicole, and all the kids invading our home, but the most she loves my husband Peter and I am so glad because he always wanted sweet little girl like Merri and finally got one.We still have to work on potty training, first week was not so good but now almost no accidents, we are walking with her 5-6 times a day and that seems to work. Today we started to teach her to ride a bike in a basket so we can go for a longer outings, and so far so good. She and Rocco sleep with us in the bed and we are all very happy to have her, she seems to be very happy too.

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