Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Life After Col. Potter!

Katie Rose, formerly Writing #3206, is home with her Mom, in Johnstown, CO. Writing was in Foster Care for almost 6 months getting herself ready for her new life! Boy, did she find it and she is having a blast. She is just a blooming girl!

Katie Rose's new home consists of Mom, a brother, a sister, three cats and a parrot. According to mom: " Katie Rose is bouncing around the house AND has mastered the outside stairs (about 15 of them). She loves going out in the backyard with her brother and sister. Two of them are in my office here with me bouncing around and wrestling with each other! They're flying in and out of my office...she's really feisty!!! She is definitely adjusting to life here!

Thank you for giving her to me.....I will be a loving Mom for her!"

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