Friday, February 6, 2009

Ivan is Loved In Akron

Ivan is a very special boy! First, he's a cairn, and a very handsome one at that!. Second, he has 2 very loving homes who give him what he most needs. And third, he now lives in Akron, OH (this blogster's birthplace and home for 20+ years).

But best of all,
Ivan is in remission from an autoimmune diseasd that causes severe diarrhea and weight loss. He requires 11 pills each day, plus eye drops every 4 hours while awake for the rest of his life. He is sweet, spirited, and intense.

His new family is with Cheryl and Steve of the Medical Respite team. Ivan has recovered as much as he's going to, but is at risk for sudden and severe flare-ups. In Akron, he has immediate access to his specialty vet where future problems can be closely monitored.

Congratulations to Ivan and his furever home. And I promise you that Akron does get some warmer weather in a few months!

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