Saturday, February 4, 2012

Tess: From Famous Lover to Famously Loved

One year ago this month (2/13/11 to be exact), a batch of 14 Cairns came into Col. Potter – Named the "Famous Lovers" because of their Valentine’s Day arrival. Aphrodite, Paola, Adonis, Cyrano, Heloise, Echo, Francesca, Roxanne, Narcissus, Pierrot, Abelard, Pierette, Juliet, and Romeo.

They all grab you, but one of them stole our hearts, and as soon as we saw this photo, we applied to adopt her.

VERY PREGNANT Aphrodite - At the shelter in OH where all 124+ dogs were taken after being seized from a hoarder. We say + because several of them, were pregnant, one giving birth at the shelter that very day!

Aphrodite waited until she was safe and warm in CP’s loving arms to bring her six puppies into the world, lovingly fostered in Missouri by Stacey and Alice Wagers. Her pups were named Yertle the Turtle, Lori the Lorax, Star Bellied Sneetch, Mulberry, Marvin K. Mooney and Horton, all after Dr. Suess characters.

Aphrodite, NOW TESS - at home in BuddyWorld at Calliope – she is our little “Princess Angel”.
We GAVE her our beloved Miri’s (fka CP’s Lena ) birthday (February 10) and estimate her to be 2 years old. Miri crossed the Rainbow Bridge November 22, 2010 and we believe sent us Tess to fill that hole in our hearts.

SO - A happy second birthday and first gotchya day to you Miss Tess Ami at Calliope.

WE are so lucky to have you!

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