Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine from Tucker and Zoe!!


Hello Col. Potter,

This is Tucker, or you might remember me as Canada. My family adopted me from you in November of 2008. I haven't sent you an update in a while, so I just wanted to stop by and say THANK YOU again for letting my family adopt me. I couldn't ask for a better life. As my dogter says, I'm spoiled rotten. I have to say I can understand why they spoil me. After all, I'm pretty cute if I do say so myself and I'm just a little "sweetheart". At least that's what my Mommy says.

I got very sick a few months ago and really had my family worried. I got lots of lumpies all over my body and ran a fever. I was so weak I had trouble walking and barely got out of my bed for weeks. But, through it all, I never stopped eating. Nope, you won't get between me and my grub. Eating's my favorite. So that the dogter could try and figure out what was wrong, he had to cut some of my lumpies out to test them. I had to take some pills, and couldn't go on walkies. In fact, we participated in a parade with Westie Rescue of Tennessee just before the holidays and I had to ride in a stroller. Can you believe it? How embarrassing! Anyway, after weeks of testing, they never figured out exactly what was wrong with me. But thank goodness, all my lumpies have gone away and my fever is down and I'm feeling great!

I'm loving life with my family, my Westie sister, Zoe and all our Westie foster furbrothers and fursisters. Life is good! Thanks so much Col. Potter for rescuing me from that awful puppy mill and giving me a chance at a wonderful life. I hope you like my Valentine's picture. That's me with my bossy sister, Zoe.

Happy Valentine's Day!
Hugs from Tucker
Bartlett, TN

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