Monday, January 30, 2012

Snow-loving Scout

Former Foster Dad says: Sister nka Scout spent almost nine years in a Mill so updates like this make my day.

Above is a really short video link of Scout in her Christmas present. I've never used sweaters before, but the wind off our little lake can be quite cold in the winter and with her hair still so short I figured it wouldn't hurt. People stop all the time and comment on how cute she is. We haven't had to use it a lot because our winter has been pretty warm.

The one big snow fall this year gave us about 6 in. and only lasted a few days. Scout loved it! She dashed in and out the dog door and all around the yard. I try to get her out every day for a walk down to the lake. It's about 20 min. there and back. She is still afraid of big trucks, tree work, any thing loud. I just keep taking her out and eventually it will all seem normal to her. 

In the house she's getting to be quite the little Cairn. If I pet Max, she jumps all over me, even biting my hands to get me to pet her. She flops on her back, pawing the air. It's the cutest thing. She's like a little stuffed animal come to life. 

A few weeks ago she caught one of the shrews that live in the ivy along the fence. She checks every day for them. And if a squirrel dares to come in the yard, she is off like a shot! The other day, when I pulled into the garage, I could hear her barking in the house. She never makes a sound, so I was happy to hear her protecting her home.

She is such a joy, we feel very lucky to have found her. I hope that your winter goes by quickly and that Jacket and Toggle make steady progress and turn out as well as Scout did.


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