Sunday, February 5, 2012

Celebrating Two Gotcha Days in Massachusetts!

We are happy to be celebrating 2 Gotcha Days at my house! 

MIAWe adopted Mia FKA Roselle from CP in 2009. She was only 7 months old & one of the last of the Windy City Kids to be rescued. When I caught sight of her in a crate in Mo Kesler's van, it was love at first sight! She is a beautiful "dish rag" cairn (Aunt Mary Noll says) with shades of red and wheaton with a dark snout. Her favorite thing to do is chase & eat (yuck) birds, chew on nylabones & drive the old cairns crazy!! Thank you CP for rescuing her & introducing me to the greatest group around!!

Last year we adopted 15 year old BZ from a patient of mine who was going through a divorce & couldn't take her to the apartment she rented. When she asked about surrendering her to CP, I offered to take her instead. BZ is the smartest, sweetest, most alpha cairn I've ever met! I brought her to the vets yesterday for her checkup & no one can believe she's almost 16 yrs. old! She is in excellent health, except we are going to watch one of her molars which may need extraction (I am a dental hygienist, so I'll keep a close eye on it)

Happy Gotcha Day to my fiesty, lovable, happy, wonderful girlies!!! Life wouldn't be the same without you both!! Lisa, MA

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