Sunday, February 5, 2012

Adonis: Even More Handsome One Year Later

Adonis 5181 5-1-2011a for Ted

I want to add my thanks to everyone who helped the Famous Lovers get to CP from the Ohio hoarder. I fostered and then adopted Adonis (my second adopted foster; Nettie was my first foster and first adopted).

Adonis had his check up and vaccinations last week (clean bill of health except for the luxating patellas). He is the most precious boy to me. He and Nettie get along great. He still has trust/touch issues but they are so much better now. When I get home from work he cries in delight and bounces and gives lots of kisses.

He's still working on his housetraining - he's quite the stubborn and independent boy cairn, so much like a girl cairn, LOL. He is no lapdog, but will play attack my toes under the throw. He's not allowed on the couch, but sneaks up there occasionally when Nettie is down. He's a very smart little boy and I love him dearly. Thank you everyone for helping to save him.

Sandy A in TX

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