Saturday, February 18, 2012

Mouse's Many Blessings

CP Kid Mouse has joined a household with 2 other CP kids - Sweet Harmony and Zoey, and bigger pooch Cashmere, and even cat Chantilly (not pictures below).

Well, we picked up Mouse tonight at the Charlotte NC airport. What an amazing team to have worked with;the team made Mouse's adoption happen in just three days.

To Foster Mom Judy - You are the best! Mouse arrived safe and sound. Thank you for taking care of him!

To Deborah, and Liz - You constant communication with me is incredible and your follow through impeccable.

To Pamela -- your guidance and advice ensured mouse was safe and sound and properly secure for traveling - You were a wealth of information.

To the two incredible cariing men at the Continental cargo building - you treated mouse like he was a king you guys ROCK!

To the Petco store manager in Charlotte NC - We called the store and you had already closed at 9:00 pm-- but you told us to come on over anyways for a leash and harness - When you heard it was a rescue dog you wanted to help. All three employees made mouse feel special and he enjoyed the special attention.

Mouse is now resting in his crate with the girls drooling all around him.

Our hearts are filled with joy to welcome another Col Potter kid into our home. My husband and I have met wonderful foster Moms and the incredible team of folks behind the scene who put it all together. May each of you be blessed over,and over,and over!

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