Sunday, February 12, 2012

Feisty Zoey and Sweet Harmony Find Sisterly Love Together Furever



My husband and I recently loss our beloved Wheaton Terrier "Latte" on 11/4/11- Latte was to us the most precious rescued dog we have ever own. 11 years is a long time . When we adopted "Latte", we also made the decision to adopt her sister Cashmere who is still very much a part of our family . The loss of Latte was extremely emotional as it was unexpected, sudden, and abrupt.

During our grieving period I came across the Col.Potter Rescue group for Cairn Terriers. I had a Cairn growing so we wanted to pursue this opportunity and we knew rescuing would be the only option for us.

I spent a few days reading and viewing every available cairn and my heart kept bringing back to the picture of Sweet Harmony. My husband and I were drawn to her every time we went to the Col. Potter site as well as another by the name of "Keely" - I was particular interested in this spry little cairn . We decided to complete the adoption request for Sweet Harmony first - After a very quick process .. On Dec 9 th we were on our way from South Carolina to Florida to pick her up . Sweet Harmony is a "Puppy Mill" survivor.  I really dislike attaching this astigmatism to her.

Harmony is 5 years old and has lived a life of unthinkable conditions - her little dog soul was broken but yet she is simply the sweetest little girl you could ever image. Harmony is still learning to be a "free" dog and every day she is learning something new... She gives you licks and does the best ever happy dance when she wants her daily treat. When I come home from work she is right at the door performing the cutest little howl greeting and at the same time doing her dance. We love her to pieces.

Just about a week after adopting Sweet Harmony- We applied for "Keely" since we could not stop thinking about her.  So, after paperwork and interview,s we were on our way back down to Florida.. "Keely" was a surrender and only 1.5 years old.  We made the decision to retain her original name which was "Zoey " and the name fits her like a glove.

Zoey is very different from Sweet Harmony. Zoey was very bossy and for little dog of only 12 lbs her energy level was through the roof. Zoey likes all the attention and does not like to share Momma's and Dad's love and attention.

In short, Zoey was a little bully! So with firm discipline, we began to change her little domineering ways.  In just two short months, Zoey has adopted to the laws of the house . She loves to play, give kisses, and loves her new sisters Cashmere and Sweet Harmony. Zoey is particulary drawn to Cashmere. We love our kids dearly -  they bring nothing but joy into our lives and we consider it an honor to have been chosen by them.

By adopting Zoey we have learned that puppy mill dogs need  understanding, patience, kindness, love and security. They are skiddish, do not trust men, may not want to be picked up, show little emotion. These fears and behaviors will break your heart at first and make you so mad .But give them a little time and oh my the little dog who could slowly comes out.

Owner surrender dogs are easily confused -  what would you think if your family no longer wanted you?.. We have been a rescue family all our lives and our family members are the same way. Saving the life of an animal is the most satisfying and fullfilling act any human could do. They deserve a safe home, food and water, treats, lots of toys, regular trips to the vet, a warm place to sleep (our bed), attention, love and even discipline when needed. In return you for all that you give, you will come to understand the true meaning of unconditional love. 

Sisterly Love
Thank you Col. Potter Cairn Rescue for two of the most lovable, endearing little kids . We look forward to providing Sweet Harmony and Zoey the best life possible. They have a forever home and their journey has just begun.
Proud owners of Cashmere,Sweet Harmony,Zoey and our cat Chantilly
Who all live the life of luxury as they were meant too!

"The purity of a person's heart can be quickly measured by how they regard animals" ~ Anonymous

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