Sunday, August 22, 2010

Gotcha Bella!

Hi Aunt Mary and all, it's me Bella!
Do you know what today is? It is the one year anniversary of my “Gotcha Day”. That’s right, I have been living the high life for a year now with my furever family and loving every minute of it. I just can’t believe that it was a little over a year since I was in that terrible place. Living the life that I am now living, those memories are just a part of my past. I never stop wagging my tail and my tongue goes just about as fast. I really love Saturday and Sunday mornings because that’s when we get to get in bed with mom and dad and snuggle. I of course snuggle with daddy because he is my favorite. I get so close to him that sometimes he has to move over. I do that on purpose so he has to snuggle back. He’s the best. I love mommy too but daddy is my favorite. I want to tell all the little furkids that a lot of great things can happen to you in a year if you are a Colonel Potter furkid.

I want to thank all the folks at Colonel Potter’s for finding me my furever home and especially Aunt Mary for taking such good care of me until my mommy and daddy could find me and take me home. I am truly home. I hope that every one of my sisters and brothers that are awaiting new furever families can find a loving family like mine in the next year.

If anyone is coming through the Denver area and needs a break, please consider stopping by and saying Hi. Mom, dad, DeDe and myself love having company. Especially if there is another cairn or two to play with.
Hugs and kisses,
From DeDe:
Thank you so much for giving me a sister to run and play with. Bella washes my face everyday and we sleep together in the same kennel. We are an inseparable pair.
From Mom and Dad:
We just want to thank everyone at Colonel Potter’s for bringing this wonderful little girl into our lives. The last year has been such a joy and we are doing everything in our power to treat her like the Princess that she is.
Thanks again.
Jim & Cindy

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