Sunday, August 15, 2010

Thunder's Third "Gotcha Day" Anniversary

Three years ago Thunder, a CP kid with problems, became ours. We just love him. He is our special lap boy.

Thunder a wheaten boy was fostered by Maureen A here in NJ. Maureen and family had a vacation planned so we babysat for Thunder for two weeks. He had seizures and could barely walk. I guess 8 years in a crate the size of a bunny hutch will do that to you. At 8 years old who would adopt this kid with so many problems? In those two weeks we fell for Thunder. The sweetest kid ever. He would pull his blanket from the crate into the living room where we were sitting then beg to be on your lap. We could not have asked for a better fit in our family.

We had our stairs carpeted and Thunder goes up and down without a problem of course he prefers a ride which his Dad provides most nights for bed time.

Mary Ellen, matchmaker in NJ

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