Sunday, August 15, 2010

Celebrating Monkey!

It's Monkey's 5th Gotcha Day! It's been a wild ride, from the first day when he growled at me for several hours, until just now when he was curled up by my side. He's still got issues but don't we all?

He was my 2nd foster and I fostered him from early June until that evening in mid-August when I realized he was home. Amazingly I had a camera handy when that realization came upon me so I snapped a few photos of Monkey (fka Jared) curled up on a pillow with Fred and Zoya.

Monkey's full name with titles is Col Potter's Monkey B, MB-RAE, CGC. He's registered in the Mixed Breed Dog Club and the AKC Mixed Breed Program. I had hoped to get him into agility and start working on his AKC rally titles. Once I get a job, I think we'll get back to those goals. And now that the Mixed Breed Dog Club has revamped their conformation rules, we may have a chance at a MB conformation title!

Citrus Heights, CA
Fred CGC - cairn wanna be
Monkey MB-RAE, CGC - cairn athlete

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