Monday, August 30, 2010

Hamby : Just Look at This Happy Face!

My little foster boy, Hamby, just left with his new mom and fur-brother. Hamby was such an easy boy to foster and I’m so happy for him that this wonderful family adopted him. When he became a Col Potter kid, just 7 short weeks ago, I fully expected him to be a long-term foster. He is a little older (almost 10) and suffered from the itches (allergies) for most of his life. I’ve heard that a lot of foster homes are hesitant to foster the older kids, especially males, let alone ones who have some health issues. We had tremendous support/advice/help from Bobbie B (Medical Team) and Sandy T (Director of Foster Homes) on getting his allergies under control and improving his general health. Also, fate was probably at work in this match since his new mom just happened to be looking for a male, close to the same age as her Westie, and residing in Florida. Everything just fell into place for this sweet boy. Happy “forever” little Hamby!!!
Karen M
Parrish FL

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