Sunday, August 22, 2010

Miss Plum is now Gracie and so loved!


I sent you an update about 10 days ago but this one is even better! We are the very PROUD and HAPPY MOM and DAD to GRACIE (fka Miss Plum), who is the love of our lives! Even our cat, Oliver, loves Gracie and walks with us on every walk. They had no difficulty bonding!

We took your advice and have proceeded very slowly to introduce her to new people and new places. We know for certain that Gracie is fearful of large, loud men and women. Her introduction to our grandchildren went even better than we could have hoped. The boys were wonderful with her so she relaxed. Of course, they can’t wait to play ball with her!

You will be happy to know that after the first week, Gracie began to warm up to Chan by leaps and bounds. She is equally at ease with both of us now. Last weekend, we went on an errand, Gracie was my lap when suddenly she crawled into Chan’s lap when he stopped at a light. He was so thrilled he was almost speechless! We go for 2 long walks around our little lake each day (early morning and evening) which she loves as there is lots of nature to see. Oliver, of course, has to go along for “protection”! Gracie has become much more relaxed on her walks and loves to explore. Going through openings or doorways is still the same—no progress. I’m glad she is light enough for me to pick up!

I am going to take some pictures this weekend to forward to you. We have had so much rain for the last couple weeks that it’s been difficult to get good photos. As you can tell, we are all truly enjoying our time together. We are thrilled with Gracie’s progress. She’s eating well, exercising, loves to be massaged and soothed and plays a fast game of ball with her “pink” ball! We’re amazed at how many toys she can carry at once!!! Our prayer is that gradually Gracie will become more relaxed around other people. If not, we can deal with that. Gracie is blessing us and we hope her life with us will be blessed, too.

Pam, the love, tender care and the excellent work you did with Gracie enabled her to find the ability to trust you. Because of your work, she is able to now trust that we will protect and care for her. The short time we’ve spent with Gracie has taught us what a gift you have. We’re so grateful. Thank you for trusting us with “Miss Plum”. I promise you we will not let you or Gracie down.

Judy & Chan
Aka “Gracie’s” Mom & Dad

P.S. The book you gave us about working with our shy dog has been wonderful!

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