Sunday, August 15, 2010

Mizz Pattypan!

Greetings from the humid & hot jungle,

I know you are busy being a great foster mom to more deserving cairns so don't worry that we haven't heard from you in a month of Sunday's and more. The Arlington sisters cry when I tell them you've gone on to loving other cairns, and have probably forgotten all about them. I tell them to buck up, life is hard. Just kidding, I miss hearing from you but I know you stay busy, this cairn family is doing fine, Pattypan completed our circle. She's getting sweeter and more trusting daily. We love her so much. She's smart and has a funny sense of humor. She more than holds her own with the other three. Everyday I'm reminded I did the right thing by bringing her here.

Just wanted to give you an update on everyone.
They all got groomed last Saturday. Patt looks very much like a lady instead of a Yeti from the far north. Before she got groomed I was beginning to think she was part Afghan hound, long nose, wild blond head.

These TX girls do not like being in 'The Thunderstorm Capital of the World', no joke we do have that designation. Sib barks at the thunder, and if she is outside when it starts, she not only barks, but spins and jumps around wildly. The first time I saw her do that my heart seized up, I thought she had been struck by lightning, but no she's just trying to catch the thunder and kill it. Needless to say she has not been successful. Neither TX girl wants to go outside in the rain, and refuse completely if there is thunder. This can be a problem. Carry them out, put them down gently in a relatively dry place (under a tree), and both immediately make haste for the house like little wind up toys that have only one direction to go. No amount of coaxing or treats (they'll take the treats but still race for the house) will change their minds. They seem to have formed a coalition between them to strengthen their right of refusal.

Since I wrote last Pattypan, the toy hoarder, has refined her hoarding to an art. She is a keen observer of all things, and has made note of the fact that Sib has two especially favorite toys. They are toys that sing a stupid little 20 second 'deedle dee dee' tune every time she gently bites into it; Sib just loves it. Sib will collect both and play with only them. In typical cairn fashion however, she'll be distracted away, and Patt watches carefully for that moment. When Sib has her back turned or walks away, Pat is there in an instant and in a casual drive-by by movement (I just imagine her happily humming to herself) scoops one up in her mouth and without pausing spirits it away to her stash. Soon she'll do the same to the other one. Turn about is fair play, however, and Sib has grown wise to this dastardly trick. This morning Sib was looking around for her toys and saw they were both with Patt. She turned away and went to lay down in a crate with a view of Pat and the toys. Patt soon got up and left them unattended. Sib went right over and plucked hers out of the pile. All of this is just too funny to watch. Patt has 2 primary stash areas, one that large wired crate and another area that is a big comfy dog bed. The other available crates are much too small for a load of booty like hers.

A girl can't have too many toys, including Sib's! Parker and Yams are great buddies. They wrestle and play until they are exhausted!
Love ya' hope all's well there in TX.


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