Sunday, August 22, 2010

Rye goes camping!

From the Furever Family:

First let me say thank you to everyone at Col. Potter. It is truly a great thing that all of you do.

We have now had Rye with us for an entire week and everything seems to be going great. She is adjusting quite well and so is my 11 year old dog, Jasper. Jasper seems to be much more patient with Rye as opposed to our Madison (which was our cairn we lost in June). It seems as if Rye is looking to Jasper for guidance with the house rules.

We also have a camp on Sacandaga Lake, which we visited yesterday with Rye. I have attached a picture of Rye at our camp. She had a great time swimming and playing on the beach. She is a great girl.

We do not plan to change her name - it fits her perfectly.

Again thank you for everything you do!
Patty and Doug

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