Monday, August 16, 2010

All Stars, No Wars: Princess Leia

Dear CP Volunteers,

Here is a recent update on Princess Leia, formerly known as Bangles.
Leia is doing really well - today is her four-week anniversary with us. My hubby and I are very affectionate with her and she seems to love it. She is learning socialization from Wookie, such as the joys of going potty in the grass (thank heavens!). They love to sit outside together, and we'll sit with them and read the paper or have coffee. We go on 1 to 1.5 mile walks late at night, when the temperature here in NC is tolerable. Wookie takes the lead and Leia is a natural on the leash. It's funny - Wookie was never that great at heeling (so many distractions like squirrels and other dogs, you know!) but now that he is "big brother" he apparently needs to show Leia how it's done, because he's pretty much "head up and onward" the whole time we're walking.
Leia is becoming more & more accepting of our two teenage sons, who both love her very much and are sad because she has been afraid of them. We've been using treats and positive reinforcement to help her adjust to them. But she was immediately comfortable with our 21-yr-old daughter, who is petite. I'm guessing the puppy mill "handlers" were young men for the most part.
Thanks for all of your hard work with CPCRN!!
All the best,

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