Sunday, August 15, 2010

Nettie and Her Big Brown Eyes Celebrate

Today is Nettie’s Gotcha Day!! Being a bad mom, I usually forget until days or weeks later. Bad mom also doesn’t have any new or really good pictures of her either. Here is one from last year. For some reason, whenever she gets groomed I never remember to take pictures. Her gift to me this morning was squatting and peeing next to the cat scratch post. I’m going to guess an overnighter actually did mark when I wasn’t looking and she needed to fix that. She'll get a special treat with her supper, but lots of extra hugs and kisses today.

I think she’s about 14 now, and it’s been a wonderful 8 years since she was adopted. I really can’t believe it’s been that long and am hopeful of many more. Nettie was my first foster, and the only one who didn’t leave. I’m so thankful to CP for rescuing her and letting me keep her.

Sandy A, Hot Houston TX

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