Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Hello from Tallulah Bean!

From Tallulah Bean:

Hi Everbody! 

Sorry you haven't heard from me in a while.  Things have been very exciting.  My foster mom brought me to my forever home on January 23.  I was a little bit baffled when she left me with my new mom but after a few minutes I figured out where the warm lap was.

Boy do I love my cuddle times!  Mom says I am the sweetest cairn she ever met.  She loves the happy dance I do with my front paws when she comes home.  I meet her at the front door and make sure she has her daily quota of love and kisses.

We go for walks in my new neighborhood -- so many new smells!  I'm conquering the neighborhood one block at a time.  I'm still scared of the cars though.  Mom says she is so glad she follows instructions and double leashes me.  I have lots of new responsibilities, including keeping that pesky squirrel in line.  I chase him from the apple trees, down the fence line and over to the cedars in the neighbor's yard.  Dumb thing should be glad there's a fence there, I've been known to climb trees!  I love stalking that little varmit.

I have a new bed and toys that are all mine.  I'm trying to convince Mom to let me sleep on her bed but haven't worn her down quite yet... I'm working hard on it though!

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