Sunday, July 18, 2010

A Message from Tucker aka Canada

Hey Ebrybody,

Dis heer is Tucker, but you mite no me as Canada. Col. Potter let my new fambly dopt me back in Nobember of 2008. And I gotta tell ya, dis new furebber fambly gots some really gooder stuffs. I no I only beend heer for a year and 8 munfs but I can tell ya, dis is where I wanna stay. Deese folks must weally lub me. No why? Dey gibs me da goodest food and plenty ob it and so much cool, clean water I can't ebber run out. And Mommy's weally picky bout what she feeds me -- no wheat or corn for me and none ob dat udder yucky stuff neeber. She eben makes my tweats homemade --- cooks 'em ebry week or so wite in our oben and dey is de-li-shus! And you no dat bossy Westie sister I telled you bout before, well she's still bossy, but she teached me some good stuffs, and she helped me not to be so doggone skeered of ebryfing. Well, I dis want to say fank yoo, fank yoo, fank yoo Col. Potter for gibbing me my furebber fambly. Dey is sooooo good to me. Dey gibs me hugs and kisses and tells me how handsome I is. Dey keeps me clean -- no bugs at all! Dey takes me for walks and wides in da car and eben to da pet stores all da time. So all yoo kids out dere dat still don't gots furebber famblies, just hang tite. Dey'll find yoo soon and boy are yoo gonna lub dis life! Fank yoo Col. Potter -- yoo is my hero! And Mommy wants me to say fank yoo for her too. And dat ebber since she dopted me, she tells ebrybody to dopt pets. Round our house, we say "used dogs rule!" Lubs yoo Col. Potter :)

Tucker aka Canada

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