Saturday, July 31, 2010

Beazley Bumstead is Three

Beazley and his siblings turned three years young this week. This boy has really been an adventure. His latest was last night!  Sorry could not get pictures of what happened as I had to work fast! Last night the birthday boy was hanging from the arm of the grooming table in his new modified bag. Tail, butt, and back legs were groomed. Today he is a half groomed three year old which is perfectly fitting for his age.

Beazley, you are a joy and an adventure all wrapped up in one crazy package. I am not sure, but you may never grow up. But I love you and you are my heart.

Happy birthday Beaz. And Happy Birthday to all the Bumstead kids.
Deb in NM
Ashes, Bows, Bailey, Beazley, and Keisha

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