Sunday, July 18, 2010

Brodie's Blankie

Here is an update from Brodie's Furever Mom:

When Brodie came to live here he came from his foster dad in PA with a blanket made by someone in the Col. Potter network. Brodie was understandably unsure of life, again, when he came here to new surroundings, a new human, and two new dogs. But he had the security of HIS blanket. The first evening here he dragged together a piece of fleece from one of the dog crates and his blanket and a few toys and made a 'nest' right in front of me. It was very endearing. I think whoever makes the blankets for the dog-kids are wonderful! I'm attaching a picture of him in his 'nest.'
-- Susan, Conor, Emmy, and Brodie -- Watertown, NY

Yes, Brodie, ever Col. Potter Kid gets his or her own blankie, lovingly made by a "Blankie Auntie".  The Aunties donate their time and materials, then send the blankie to the foster home, usually within a few weeks of the little cairn's arrival.  The blankie then becomes the cairn's very own and follows them to their adoptive home.

There is a video tribute to the Blankie Aunties on Media Central, via, as well as instructions how to make the blankie.

Brodie, we're so glad that you love your blankie as much as you love your furever home!

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