Saturday, July 24, 2010

A Tribute to Bonny - CP Kid Chardonnay

The Twilight of the Dogs has ended for one of them. Bonny (Chardonnay for the Col. Potter group) went down this morning around 9:45. She had an intestinal cancer.

Bonny (8/21/00-7/22/10) went as quietly as she lived. She was "Her Serene Highness" while we had the privilege of knowing her. She only barked when the train went by, several blocks away. She was the only dog I knew who said, "arf".

At least I caught on video her ecstatic procession from kithchen to her dining place, just a couple of days ago. Amazing to think that that energy could collapse so suddenly, or that, several days ago at the vet's office, her lethargy could explode into a "let's play" dance for a big young male dog.

Bonny was a great hunter: just a day after she arrived here, she sniffed out a rat under our back steps. In the last few evenings on our walks at Casis School, she found three cadavers of small animals, and got one of them home in the car before I detected it. After her first "find", while I was disposing of it the next night, I came back to her where she was crouched over something—she was licking a bone the size of a chicken thigh. That went over the fence—then she found her THIRD leathery mass.

I hope you will join us in celebrating her accomplishment of a tough life—puppy-mill near Fort Worth, Texas, for nearly five years; rescued by the Col. Potter Cairn Rescue League, who repaired a breast tumor and an inguinal hernia; a torn canine cruciate ligament two years ago; an attack by big dogs last January on the Barton Creek trail. She was the supreme stoic.
Jim and Pat
Austin, TX

Jim sent this link to a video he took just 2 days before Bonny crossed the Rainbow Bridge:  Her brother Gauldie fka Merlot is also a CP kid.  Our sincere condolences to the family who have given these sweet Kids such a wonderful life!

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