Saturday, July 31, 2010

Finnegan: A Handsome Work in Progress

Hope you are having a wonderful summer! I want to give you both a quick update on our little boy.

Well, we failed our CGC exam-- failed with flying colors! Finnegan just got so incredibly excited - and was crazy about the woman giving the exam. He did pretty much everything wrong, and surprised everyone in the class because they had seen him do so well for 8 weeks! He was so excited and enthusiastic - personally, I found it hysterical! He was just having so much darn fun! They gave the little guy several attempts - please don't chew the friendly stranger. Please don't eat the brush when the groomer is brushing you. Please don't jump on the friendly stranger. Please sit and stay -- DO NOT sit for one second until mom is out of reach and then run over to the woman giving the test and jump on her..... Oh, it was no use. The instructors were concerned that I would be disappointed. I told them that I can't possibly be disappointed that he failed for being so happy and enthusiastic - 5 months ago he was not even allowed in the ring with the other dogs! So, we are signed back up and will try, try again! Class #2 starts August 2nd..... Finnegan is just a work in progress! And, secretly, I am happy to repeat the class with him. It is a lot of fun!

Thanks so much for everything you and Col Potter do! We are not quite ready to rescue another little one yet, but someday......someday..... we will be back in touch for furbaby #2!

We love our little boy, Finn. Thank you for helping us find him and bring him home!

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