Saturday, July 24, 2010

From the Desk of Bryn Lane

I asked momme to sen you [foster mom- ed.] dis leter. Jus wanted to sez hi and let you no I am a big boy now. I haz a birfday today and am 5 monz old. I haz a partee all day.

My Aunt Pattie comz over 2 timz and taks me for walks and we play ball and sticks while my momme is workng hard so I haz a real nice home. My Auntee gib me a new toy. Its so kool. You knoz dos big long round tings dat makz noise and crunches, I gotz a cober for doz tings and its real soft and looks lik me -- a bryn puppy. Now me long round tings don't lookz so yuckee.

Momme gib me a new big ball and haz a handl on it so I can carries it arond. It is big too jus for a big boy like me.

Momme sez we will hab a real big partee wif hatz cak and stuf nex February. I jus canz wait. It wil be lotz of fun. Wish you could be here.

Momme sez to tank you for teechn me to be a good boy. I's doin jus lik you sez to do and I's good -- wel most of da tyme. I jus don't wantz momme to knoz how mouch I really knoz cuz she would spect me to alwaz be good.

Oh yea, momme sez wez votn morrow on da CP site. Weeeeeee, I lub beng me. I haz so mouch funz.


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