Saturday, July 31, 2010

Brinkley Brightens Life for Many

I can't tell you how many times I intended to write you with news about Brinkley. She is doing very well; quite content with the distinction of being the most spoiled dog in New Jersey. She is such a joy and has completely taken over as the core of my life. Brinkley endears herself to everyone; she has such a love for people - she makes no distinctions (except for the UPS man/woman and any current or former employee of the US Postal Service).

We are having such a wonderful journey together (I can't believe she is seven years old). We go everywhere together (she has her own Marriott Rewards card), and when I can't take her on overnights with me, I have two neighbors who fight over who will take care of her. Last summer I had to spend two weeks in Europe and had a college student stay at the house with her. I had taught Brinkley the speak command, and I think the sitter would get freaked out when I would call and ask her to put Brinkley on the phone, and Brinkley would sit by the receiver barking in a conversational tone.

She is such a good dog and happy too. She has a box full of toys that she will select various ones to play with by herself, but her favorite is still the octopus. Brinkley is welcome in the homes of all of my friends, but the octopus has been banned from every home and most public areas of the Tri-State area - and it is indestructible. The squeakers in the toys I buy for Brinkley have an average life span of about 37minutes. I am sure this octopus will one day be discovered by a future civilization who will mistake it for a sonic weapon of mass destruction.

However, Brinkley does have another souvenir of Vermont she is very attached to - her quilt. I lay it out on the sofa for her and when she is not on the back of the sofa looking out the window (always) she loves to sleep on her quilt.

Brinkley still doesn't get along with other dogs, and she is as stubborn as they come, but she has such a comical personality. Sometimes I think she is doing a set like a stand-up comedian. She is super intelligent and not at all bashful to let you know when she wants something. She wants you to think she's the boss - but the bottom line is that she just wants to be where I am and go where I go and eat what I eat and have her belly rubbed (she decides when the latter is sufficient).

Contacting Col Potter was one of the luckiest moves I have ever made. I would have never found a dog to rescue as wonderful as Brinkley. People now identify me with Brinkley. What used to be "How's work?" is now "How's Brinkley?" What used to be "Good to see you!" is now "Where's Brinkley?" Cairn Terriers have to be among the cutest, most affectionate and fun creatures that God created. I just happened to be gifted with one of His masterpieces.

I am always aware that I inherited in our little friend the fruits of a labor of love that gave Brinkley the opportunity to have a happy life and to give so much happiness. I am deeply grateful to you for showing
Brinkley the ways of love and trust and for all of you who do the same for other cairns. What a wonderful way to make this world a better place.

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