Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Mayflower Celebrates 2 years at Home!

Contributed by her Forever Mom

Beautiful May fka CP Mayflower celebrates her 2nd Gotcha Day!
May Day!  May Day!

Yes, I know it's only April 30th but it is Two Years since I traveled down to meet Mayflower's amazing Foster Mom, Chris, and adopted this little ray of sunshine!

May still has a lot of "rough edges", but she is Home now, and we all love her very much - well, maybe Nana not so much, LOL  (vying for Mom's attention is NOT a good thing).

All May really needs, now, is someone to play with her -- Hazel will sometimes, very sporadically though :-(

It's very weird, adopting a dog that is not your own Foster ;-) but very worth it!

Happy Gotcha, Little May!

Happy May Day!

Love, Mom, Tim, Nana & Foster Sister Hazel

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