Monday, April 8, 2013

Sneakers on the Road to Forever!

Contributed by his Happy Foster Mom

Sneakers, a charming 9 year old with lots of spunk!

Thanks to Caroline C., a fantastic Matchmaker, Sneakers has left the house with his new family.  They are wonderful and I couldn't have asked for a better home for this little boy! 

Sneakers shows off his special CP Blankie with Forever Mom

His new Mom wanted to take a video of Sneakers from the moment I opened the door so she could have a record of his first day with them.  That right there told me he was going to be OK and I could relax.   His new Mom told me she had been showing his pictures to everyone at work and they all wanted her to bring him up there so they could meet him.  She also told her friends they couldn't come meet him until he got settled in his new home.

WOW!  He's landed in high cotton. 

I also FINALLY got a picture of Sneakers on his blanket!  It's beautiful!! 

Sneakers gets acquainted with Forever Mom & Dad
P.S.  His new Mom has already texted me twice to let me know he's doing great in the car!!

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  1. It is all true. We love our Sneakers and I think he loves us too. Elvis, resident Cairn, thinks Sneakers is an early birthday present.

    All thanks to the Col Potter heroes.