Saturday, April 6, 2013

Enzo, nka Finzee, Forever in Florida!

Contributed by his Happy Forever Mom

CP Enzo nka Finzee hatches a plan with Brother & New best friend Buddy!

CP Enzo nka Finzee is home!  “We couldn’t have gotten a better dog!” say his Forever Mom & Dad.  It is clear that both Mom and Dad think he is the perfect match for their family! Finzee automatically bonded with their one year old Cairn, Buddy, and now they play together all the time and even sleep together.  There has been no problem with barking and no accidents in the house.  These lucky little Cairns have a three acre yard to chase around in!

Finzee and Buddy are inseparable!

“Bye Bye Crate!  This is the best thing for all of us!” says New Mom.  “The first night, I went to put Finzee in the crate and he whined.  I left the door open and he came into the bedroom, then made himself comfortable on Doc's pillow.  That is all she wrote until 5:00 in the morning!   Buddy at my feet and Finzee at the head!” 

Finzee explores his fenced 3 acre yard!
“They have the best time, and everybody drools over them - and they know it!  Finzee is such a firecracker!  We are enjoying him immensely!  I want to tell you that he is happy and we are too!”

Finzee and Buddy are always ready for play!
“I cannot thank all of you for everything you all did!  This is truly amazing how wonderful your organization is.  Finzee’s Foster Mom and Dad have been very lovely people to work with!  We will forever praise the wonderful volunteers of Col. Potter Cairn Rescue Network.” 

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  1. This is a wonderful end and a beginning of the story that is Finnegan, nka Finzee! We are his original home and we are very happy that Finn has found a perfect new home - with lots of room to run, a Buddy and a warm climate to keep his paws dry! We wish you all the best, and we send Finzee lots of love. We really appreciate seeing him in the photos and reading of his adventures, and hope there'll be more. Thank you to the Col. Potter Network and all the volunteers for such dedication and professionalism - you do an amazing job.